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DFP – #63 Alarm Clock

It’s all in the timing, today on the DFP we’re talking alarm clocks. Alarm Clock 2 for Mac OS X lets you set as many different alarms as you want, wake up to your favorite itunes playlist and also setup countdown timers.

Get this application from

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DFP – #62 Dariks Boot and Nuke

Today’s freeware pick comes in the form of a secure hard drive erase tool for windows users.

“Darik’s Boot and Nuke (“DBAN”) is a self-contained boot disk that securely wipes the hard disks of most computers. DBAN will automatically and completely delete the contents of any hard disk that it can detect. ”

More info and a download link can be found by visiting

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DFP – #61 Oovoo

Sorry it’s late!…..

Today Billy and Aaron discuss a new multi client VoIP app for both mac and windows.

Oovoo is a new beta app that lets its users use both voice and video chat to talk with up to 5 other people!  Basically think Skype but with more people.  the website also talks up the ability to make calls to landlines for free.

Grab your copy at

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DFP – #60 Social Thing

With Social Thing users can collate all of there friends feeds from loads of different social networks such as Twitter and Pownce as well as Flickr.

Also once setup you can post in social thing and have the messages replicated for free over many of your social networks.

To sign up for a beta account goto

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DFP – #59 Mac WiFi Utilities

Today Billy and Aaron talk about a couple of easy to use WiFi tools for Mac OS X

With iStumbler and Air Traffic Control you can poll the different access points surrounding your mac, it also displays information regarding signal strength as well as frequency and channel number.

Download iStumbler from
Download Air Traffic Control from

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DFP – #58 TOR

Internet anonymity is todays topic of conversation, namely The Onion Router.

TOR for short this really nifty little app acts as a personal proxy server within your Mac Windows or Linux system. TOR acts by spreading your IP traffic through many other servers before reaching the desired website or destination on the web, effectively making your internet activities anonymous.

More details and install guides can be found at

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DFP – #57 Shields Up

Today on the show Aaron and Billy discuss Steve Gibson’s Shields Up.

Steve’s free online firewall port testing service send packets or data streams to your NAT Router / Firewall and then reporting back to you letting you know if your device is as secure as it should be.

For a whole lot more info and to run the test yourself goto to

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DFP – #56 AVG AntiVirus Free Edition

This week Billy and Aaron are talking security applications, today it’s the turn of AVG Antivirus protection for windows users.
AVG Free is fast light weight and very reliable. complete with secure vault and Automatic update features AVG provides a realtime protection for home users.more info can be found at

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DFP – #55 Picasa

It’s another Friday and to end the week Aaron and Billy talk about a free iPhoto alternative for windows, Google Picasa gives users a single environment to import edit, sort and even upload / order prints of your best digital photos.

Simple, Slick looking and powerful its a must try for windows photographers

More info at

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DFP – #54 FreeMind

This Thursdays edition of the DFP brings you FreeMind, a free open source mind mapping software application used mostly for presenting vast amounts of information in a single diagram.

This application is for Windows Mac and Linux Please note FreeMind requires the Sun Java Runtime to be installed.

More info found at

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