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DFP – #42 Podcaster WebApp

Today Billy and Aaron take a look at a podcaster application for your iPhone using the built in Safari web browser.  With Podcaster you can watch and listen thousands of podcats right from a really great looking directory. More info can be found at

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DFP – #41 DAEMON Tools

On this monday episode the guys talk about DAEMON Tools for windows.

DAEMON Tools is an application for Microsoft Windows which provides  optical media emulation, for games movies and install disks alike. It works on Windows 9x/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server and Vista 32 and 64 Bit. 

Find out more at

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DFP – #40 MySpace IM

It’s Friday and today Billy introduces MySpace IM, a neat looking instant messaging client for MySpace failthful. Running on Windows 2000/XP/Vista this app allows you to message your myspace friends at anytime from your computer. Now with skype support it also allows you to:

  • ” Speak to your friends on IM for FREE, call cell phones right from your PC, and even get your own local phone number and voicemail! ” 

 For more info and to download goto

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DFP – #39 Lock my Mac

Today on the show Billy shares a security app for the Mac. Lock my Mac lets its users lock out their mac whilst continuing to run all of your apps and processes. Download this app from Link to this episode

DFP – #38 Primo PDF

On this Wednesday edition of the Daily Freeware Podcast we shine the spotlight on Primo PDF, a free PDF maker utility for Windows.  Using Primo PDF you can open up over 200+ file formats and then with just a few clicks of your mouse button create industry standard PDF documents… FOR FREE! A must have for windows users, head on over to for more info and get your copy.  Link to the show  

DFP – #37 Joost

Today we talk about Joost, a free Windows and Mac app that allows users to watch streaming video stations, IPTV from your computer.

Joost offers loads of programing, there’s pretty much something for all viewers tastes.

 Check it out.

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DFP – #36 iWannaSleep

Today on the show  Aaron and Billy rewiew a nifty app to help put your mac to sleep. iWannaSleep works pretty simply Open the app, set the countdown timer and go relax.iWannaSleep will then use a count down feature to slowly fade out your iTunes music or audiobook and then put your Mac into a low power sleep mode

Visit and find out more.

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DFP – #35 Pac The Man X

It’s Friday and today Billy and Aaron take it back to the old Arcade, A classically retro game for your mac. Pac the Man X is a Pacman Ms. PacMan super addictive fast paced time waster!

Packed with over 100 or so levels including ones designed by other players this is sure to give you hours of button mashing fun.

Stop by download a copy and let the weekend pass you by.

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DFP – #34 Disk Inventory X

Today Billy and Aaron talk about Disk Inventory x

This disk space utility gives mac users a graphical view of the files and folders that are stored on your macs Hard drive. This allows users to free up some space without accidentally deleting your important documents.

Download a copy from

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DFP – #33 Synergy

Today we discuss Synergy, this neat little app is for linux, mac or windows.

Synergy lets you easily share a single mouse and keyboard between multiple computers with different operating systems, each with its own display, without special hardware.

This sis pretty tough to set up i managed to find this troubleshooting FAQ

Synergy is downloadable from here

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