DFP – #81 Spacemonger

Today on the show we are joined by a guest co host, Steve from the fabulous Podnutz podcast. find out more about Steve and listen to his latest show
( episode 14) an hour long interview with both Billy and myself. by going to http://www.podnutz.com

Steve tells us about a free Windows only application to help users view files stored on their hard drives. SpaceMonger v1.04 provides a simple to use interface for locating those pesky space eating files and then deleting them once and for all with a simple click of your mouse.

To download SpaceMonger visit http://www.sixty-five.cc/sm/v1x.php

Link to the Show


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  1. bob on

    Hey Steve! I listen to both podcasts!
    I think I have mentioned this one before, but I use WinDirStat, it is open source, and I think it does a better job than SpaceMonger, it is faster. However, I also think that the free (non shareware/trial crippled) version, is very hard to find (I love how they hide it away, behind a tab and the bottom of a page!)! Hang on, the download isn’t even working, it is giving me an error! Well that sucks….

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