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DFP – #126 Wikipanion and Daily Poll

Today Billy talks about a free wikipedia app for the iphone, Aaron talks about a free but kind of pointless application for people who like to take polls. Plus a random chat about ebay.

These applications can be downloaded free from Apple’s iTunes Store

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DFP – 118 Cube Runner

Today on the show billy talks to us about cube runner a fast paced game for the iPhone.

To download cube runner visit the app store within iTunes.

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DFP – #109 Nintendo Games Online

Today on the show Aaron and Billy go back to the 80’s of console gaming with (Java required)

Hosting over 90 original nintendo 8 bit games you can have hours of fun just on this one site!

Also in this show we discuss our favorite games of the past.

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No shows this week

Hey guys,

Due to scheduling issues between Billy and myself we were unable to get together and record any shows for this week.  We aim to be back over the week end to discuss some new iPhone apps for the new iPhone 3G 



DFP – #96 Facebook for iPhone

Today billy and aaron talk about Facebook’s mobile safari web app for use with Apple’s iPhone or iPod Touch.

This app allows you to take facebook with you and always be upto date with what your friends are doing.

You can visit the site using your Ipod Touch or iPhone


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DFP – #90 Portable Skype

On this Tuesdays edition of the show Billy tells us how to take skype to every windows computer that you use.

Portable Skype allows you to install Skype on a USB Thumb-Drive.

More information and download link can be found at


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DFP – #59 Mac WiFi Utilities

Today Billy and Aaron talk about a couple of easy to use WiFi tools for Mac OS X

With iStumbler and Air Traffic Control you can poll the different access points surrounding your mac, it also displays information regarding signal strength as well as frequency and channel number.

Download iStumbler from
Download Air Traffic Control from

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DFP – #57 Shields Up

Today on the show Aaron and Billy discuss Steve Gibson’s Shields Up.

Steve’s free online firewall port testing service send packets or data streams to your NAT Router / Firewall and then reporting back to you letting you know if your device is as secure as it should be.

For a whole lot more info and to run the test yourself goto to

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DFP – #51 Inkscape

It’s a brand new week on the DFP and today we are talking about a free open source vector graphics app called InkScape. This near Adobe Illustrator alternative offers all the commonly used tools and is a must try for anybody who wishes to learn vector based illustration on the cheap. Fun, fast and pretty powerful i am sure you will love this one.

For more info goto
also be sure to check out this awesome tutorial site

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DFP – #46 Rocket Dock

Ever wanted to make your windows PC look and feel more like a mac?

Today introduces RocketDock. Put simply this little app adds a Mac os X like dock to your windows desktop, allowing users to drag and drop applications for quick access.

No more navigating complex drill down menus to find and run that game, just drag, drop, and click.

For more info and a pretty good video demo head on over to

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