DFP – #82 Drive Snapshot (Trialware)

Today on the show it’s all about backups. Drive Snapshot is a free simple to use all in one backup solution for windows users.

With Drive Snapshot users can:
Do a full backup (while still running windows and continuing to work)
backup selected items only.
Create an emergency boot disk
and more…

All the information and a download link can be found at http://www.drivesnapshot.de/

Link to the Show

UPDATE:  Listener Mark kindly pointed out that this application is actually classed as a 30 day trial and NOT strictly freeware, while the application will let you make backup images for a 30 day period the backup feature will then be made unavailable until purchasing a full version.  You can however continue to restore your machines from images that were made during the free trial even after it has expired.

We apologize for this error in judgemnet and thank Mark for pointimg this out to us.



3 comments so far

  1. Mark on

    On both todays show and on Podnuts the other day, you said that Drive Snapshot is free. This is not actually true. It has a 30 day trial, after which the backup function stops working, although you can still use it to restore any backup or image you have made during the trial.

  2. thedailyfreewarepodcast on

    Hey Mark

    Really? Opps my bad!

    When we use it at work we only really do one full client backup and then restore a client from that image as need be.

    Thanks for pointing that out, i’ll edit the post on the site now.

  3. bob on

    Does it make the images in an open format? Like iso or something? Or does it have it’s own format and can only be restore using this? If it is a closed format, I will not be using this, as I always need a known good backup, and if the app was removed from the site, then my installation of it messed up, what do I do now? I can’t restore the backup without the program!

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