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DFP – #130 The Final Act

This is Aaron and Billy’s Last Episode of The Almost Daily Freeware Podcast. Thanks for listening.

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DFP – #125 RC Default App for OSX

It’s a Wednesday and today the guys talk about a system preference plug-in for Mac OS X

‘RCDefaultApp is a Mac OS X 10.2 or higher preference pane that allows a user to set the default application used for various URL schemes, file extensions, file types, MIME types, and Uniform Type Identifiers ‘

to find out more info and download a copy goto

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DFP – #124 CDBurner XP for Windows

It’s Monday and we are back!

Today the guys dive into CD-Burner XP for Windows users.

Create CD/DVD HD-DVD’s and Blu-Ray disks
Create Audio Cd’s from, wav,wma mp3 and other formats
Convert iso files into CD’s and DVD’s

You can get this application from

Also in this episode a short conversation on illness and iTunes 8

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DFP – #123 iStat Menus for OSX

This Friday on the DFP we talk about iStat Menus for the mac.

some key menus are:
CPU usage.
7 display modes, multiple core support. Monitor cpu usage for individual processes.
Memory usage.
4 display modes, page ins/outs and swap usage display. Monitor memory usage for individual processes.
Disks usage and activity.
6 display modes and the ability to hide disks you don’t want to see.
Monitor networking.
Current and total bandwidth, peak bandwidth and IP addresses. PPP Controls for 10.5 users.
Monitor the temperature of your Mac with 2 display modes and the ability to hide sensors you don’t want to see.
Fans & Power.
Monitor the fan speeds, voltages, current and power usage, in your Mac. 2 display modes and the ability to hide sensors you don’t want to see.

find out lots more and grab your own copy from

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DFP – #122 Serif Software Suite for Windows

It’s a big day here on the show this Wednesday aaron picks a free creativity suite for Windows users from Serif. allows users to download full featured free versions of its top creative applications,

PhotoPlus 6 is the perfect choice for editing and enhancing your digital images and photos for print, email and the web.
PagePlus SE is a great way to get into desktop publishing and easily design professional-looking documents for every occasion.
WebPlus SE lets you quickly design and publish stunning websites – no HTML or previous web design experience required!


DrawPlus 4 has all the power and tools you need to create attention-grabbing logos, striking text and artistic masterpieces.
3DPlus 2 can help you add a new dimension to your website graphics, presentations and desktop publishing projects.

Download all of this for free, visit

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DFP – #121 NetMeter for Windows

Kick starting this weeks application picks the guys discuss bandwidth caps and an easy way windows users can keep an eye on just how much bandwidth you’re PC is pulling.

Net Meter monitors network traffic through all network connections on the computer it’s installed on, and displays real-time graphical and numerical downloading and uploading speeds.

To Download it go to

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DFP – #120 NetNewsWire for iPhone

Today n the show, the guys talk about their favorite RSS Readers.

Billy uses a free application called Net News Wire that is now also able to run on the iPhone. Find out more over at

Aaron prefers to use web based apps for news, so he chooses Google Reader, This can also be used on almost any device that has an internet connection, such as an iPhone sign up for this free service by going to

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DFP – #119 Trailers Lite for iPhone

On this Wednesday’s edition of the show we review a couple of versions of ‘trailers’, a must have iphone application for any movie lover

To find out way more and download these applications visit the iTunes App store

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DFP – #117 Last.FM for iPhone

It’s Friday and today the guys talk about a great streaming music application for you iPhone pr iPod Touch. is a social media website for music lovers.

Listen to over five million songs,
Share music via your phone contacts
Purchase tracks and albums from the iTunes Music Store

Download this application via the Itunes App Store.

Sign up and create your own last fm profile by going to

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DFP – #116 Speakonia

Today on the podcast we discuss a free windows text to speech application called Speakonia.

Features include:

Clipboard Reading (Whenever something is copied to the clipboard Speakonia reads it aloud)

Let Speakonia read your Email for you

Speakonia supports many TTS Engines TTS Engines are available in different languages (From Microsoft ®: French, German, Italian and more)

Wave Export

To get your copy goto

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