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DFP – #94 TweakUI

Tweak-UI is a free ‘power-toy from Microsoft.

With this free application users can customize the windows user interface to their hearts content

more information can be found at

Download Tweak-UI from

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DFP – #93 IceClean

Today on the show we talk about mac maintenance with a free application from Mac Dentro called IceClean. for more info on IceClean head on over to


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DFP – #92 FStream

Today on the show Aaron talks about a free application for streaming web radio on your mac.

Find out more about FStream at 

English translation –

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DFP – #91 DVD Shrink

Todays freeware pick comes from Billy.

Using DVD Shrink windows users can easily and quickly make full copies and even re-author and compress their DVD’s to smaller sizes.

Features Include

Remove Region encoding
Remove special features and unwanted audio tracks
Built in DVD Burning

Downloadable from and works with windows 98, 2000 NT and XP

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DFP – #90 Portable Skype

On this Tuesdays edition of the show Billy tells us how to take skype to every windows computer that you use.

Portable Skype allows you to install Skype on a USB Thumb-Drive.

More information and download link can be found at


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DFP – #89 Portable Thunderbird

Today Billy tells us about a portable version of Thunderbird.

With a simple install users can now take their email and rss feeds with them using this simple install package and a USB Thumb-drive.

To get the lowdown on this application head on over to

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Friday means game day, and today on the DFP we talk about an open source Racing simulator.

TORCS (The Open Racing Car Simulator)

“TORCS features more than 50 different cars, more than 20 tracks, and 50 opponents to race against. Your can steer with a joystick or steering wheel, if the device is supported by your platform. It is also possible to drive with the mouse or the keyboard. Graphic features lighting, smoke, skidmarks and glowing brake disks. The simulation features a simple damage model, collisions, tire and wheel properties (springs, dampers, stiffness, …), aerodynamics (ground effect, spoilers, …) and much more. The gameplay allows different types of races from the simple practice session up to the championship. Enjoy racing against your friends in the split screen mode with up to four human players.”

This application can be downloaded from and can be used on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux

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DFP – #87 Portable Firefox

Its Thursday and today Billy Talks about a more mobile version of firefox

With Portable Firefox you can take your browser complete with all of your settings and bookmarks with you on a thumb-drive usb stick.

More information can be found over at

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DFP – #86 Celestia

Today on the show Aaron talks about Celestia an open source app that lets users discover pretty much the entire solar system.

You can download ad ons that help you to plot the current orbit of many NASA and other spacecraft. As well as many fictional aspects from Star Trek and Star-Wars

To take a look at some images and download Celestia goto

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DFP – #85 Keypass

Today Billy talks about a multi platform password storing application called KeyPass.

Users can use this application to keep track off all of their personal passwords in windows linux and even other devices such as your blackberry

features include
Export To TXT, HTML, XML and CSV Files
Import From Many File Formats
Easy Database Transfer
Support of Password Groups
Time Fields and Entry Attachments
Auto-Type, Global Auto-Type Hot Key and Drag&Drop

You can get it from

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