DFP – #58 TOR

Internet anonymity is todays topic of conversation, namely The Onion Router.

TOR for short this really nifty little app acts as a personal proxy server within your Mac Windows or Linux system. TOR acts by spreading your IP traffic through many other servers before reaching the desired website or destination on the web, effectively making your internet activities anonymous.

More details and install guides can be found at www.torproject.org

Link to the Show


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  1. bob on

    I use Vidalia:
    but I never thought of using Hulu or anything like that… I suppose you should respect the copyright issues… and also you are kind of giving the impression that it is perfect security, but that is obviously not the case, as the ISP could just packet-sniff and record all the traffic (but they would only do so in extreme circumstances). So that means they don’t know where the data comes from, they just know ALL the data! Heres a question, does it support encryption??? :)!

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