DFP – #70 Wakoopa

Today we talk about a free online software tracking community, Wakoopa tracks what kind of software or games you use, and lets you create your own software profile so that your friends can keep track of which applications you have running on your computer in realtime. To signup and start sharing goto http://www.wakoopa.com

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  1. bob on

    Oo-err, I hate to be the privacy geek and all, but this is a bit invasive. Yeah, they get to know what you are doing with your PC, 24-7? I wonder what there business model will be, advertising perhaps… :)! Also, it is kinda interesting as a social experiment, but if you have all the apps you use posting as a twitter feed, it sort of clouds out the useful, interesting posts. I don’t really want to know if someone is using Firefox more than they use Internet Explorer! Finally, I wonder whether it polls itself as an app, and then someone is really surprised that the most used app is itself…

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