Issues with DFP #50

Hello all

Some of you may have heard that todays episode ends rather suddenly.  This is a mistake and the show should be re-posted sometime late this afternoon central time.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused, normal service will be resumed shortly.




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  1. ferretman on

    Yeah, I was listening with it in the background, then it just cut out, and I was thinking “What, huh? Where’d it go?!”. Also, I don’t know if other Google Reader users have this problem, but I don’t think the feed it is being recognised as a proper (as in ‘well-formatted’) rss feed for the podcast, so I can’t stream it with GReader’s built-in audio-stream thingy (the shockwave flash streaming file). I am forced to download it, and that would be fine for listening with a MP3 player or iPod, but I don’t have one, (but want one :-)!) and listen to most of your episodes at my computer. BTW, the problem only started a few episodes ago (like 11, I think) and it has happened now and again for about half of the episodes from then.

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